Degrees, Visitors, Guests, Awards

Just Another Extraordinary Evening 

Thursday, December 13th, if you would have attended our last Stated Meeting for 2018, you would have witnessed another extraordinary evening jam-packed with food, fun and fellowship, examinations, FC degrees,  visitors, guests, and award recognition.

It all started with a warm and hearty meal in the Dining room area prepared by Bro. JW George Lurry and served with the assistance of the Stewards. Hesperians shared the meal and fellowship with visitors from other Lodges and three non-Mason guests who wanted to explore and learn more about the Fraternity to help them decide to petition for membership and join our Craft.

Among our distinguished attendees were our Past Master and current Grand Lodge of Illinois Grand Chaplain RWB Wayne Spooner, RWB Bill Bussiere, and Scottish Rite Lodge Ambassador WB Joe Pegoraro.

At 7:30, after the sound of the gavel in the Lodge room, our work started with the examination of two EAs who proved, in open Lodge, to be ready to receive the FC degree.

Our WM Bro Jim Voss II, at his third meeting of his tenure, presided and conferred the Fellowcraft Degree with confidence and leadership with the strong support of his officers.

After the Lectures and Charge to the candidates, WM Voss accepted the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago “No. 1 Lodge” award and trophy, received at the Fall Reunion on November 9-10, in Bloomingdale, Illinois, from the hands of SR Ambassador Joe Pegoraro.

Our next Stated Meeting is on Thursday, January 10, 2019. Come and join us for another great experience. Until then, Enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season and Happy New Year!