The Night Ministry Volunteers Appreciation Event

R.W. Bro. Spooner, PM and current
Grand Chancellor of the MW Grand Lodge of Illinois, and PM Harvey,
Lodge Secretary

Saturday, April 27th, representatives from Hesperia Lodge #411 A.F. & A.M. joined with other volunteers and staff members of The Night Ministry organization to build stronger relationships and receive an update on the work of this charitable organization during their 2019 Volunteer Appreciation event. Overall, the organization is making a positive difference in the lives of youth and adult homeless citizens in Chicago, Illinois

Our Brothers were able to spend some quality time building deeper relationships with the staff who drive and provide community services through The Night Ministry’s outreach services mobile care buses. During our Lodge’s “Feeding the Homeless” charitable partnership with this organization, it is the personnel on the buses whom we work closest with to deliver hot meals to the homeless citizens of Chicago.

As a longtime supporter of The Night Ministry organization, it was great to hear directly from its President & CEO about the current work of the organization and future plans.

During the presentation, statistics were provided about the homeless population in Chicago for 2018 (reported by local government agencies) – 80,384 homeless citizens in Chicago, of which 17,894 are students and 11,067 are youth (ages 14 to 21) who are homeless without any family connections; a consistent perspective was that these numbers are lower than what is actually occurring in our city.

Those data points, and others, helped to give context to the several valuable services provided by their organization. In particular, the Bus Outreach Program had 51,272 engagements with homeless citizens in 2018. At the conclusion of the remarks, a hearty “Thank You” was provided to the volunteers in attendance, and a collective recognition that the work done together provides an invaluable “safety net of last resort” for our homeless citizens in Chicago.