The Book of Constitution & ByLaws of the MWGL of IL

As you know, every Master Mason shares the responsibility to learn about and uphold the timeless laws, rules and regulations (and Ancient Usages and Customs) of our ancient and honorable fraternity. 

Take some time to learn more by reading the Grand Lodge of Illinois Book of Constitution and ByLaws 2021-22.  

Here are some Success Tips:

— Read “The Charges of a Freemason” from 1723 — located upfront in the document

— Read Article 11 of the Constitution — “Powers of the Grand Master”

— Read the ByLaws Code 256 — “Powers of the Worshipful Master”

— Review the Index at the back for a variety of topics covered all throughout

— Use the “Find” feature of this searchable PDF document to quickly find answers to your questions

— Review the Voting Chart in the Appendix on the correct method of voting on various Lodge topics