Past Masters Nite + Certificate Presentations

If you didn’t make it to our last stated communication meeting on Thursday, April 13, here are a few photos that show three of the main highlights for that evening.

It was Past Masters’ Nite therefore we had a chance to see some of our past leaders sit at several chairs and stations in the lodge room during the meeting. Our oldest PM, Bro. Barry Johnson, has been a Master Mason for 61 years.

During the evening our Wors. Master “Chip” Smith had the honor to present the Military service and First Responders Recognition “Defenders of Freedom” Certificate & Pin to 3 of our brethren, Hans Keller, Richard Hernandez and Timothy Viane.

On a side note, this Grand Lodge of Illinois Award was created by RWB Ron Ehemann, current Chairman of the IMOS committee and one of the PMs present and former lodge secretary for many years).

Finally, congrats to our Bro. SD Josh Allee who earned his Proficiency Certificate and now joins a select group of brethren who have proved themselves to have extensively learned their masonic catechism.