Hesperia’s Cemetery Plot

We made it to #RosehillCemetery to visit the graves of 26 of our departed brothers just in time before the first snowfall of the season in #Chicago.

Hesperia Lodge #411 A.F. & A.M.‘s plot with 26 graves in the B6 section at RoseHill Cemetery in Chicago. Guess which direction the headstones are facing? You got it, just like our Masonic Temples, they are situated facing due East and West to receive the rays of the rising Sun! In the near background you can see the still waters of the small lake.

Dirt and grass had covered two of four Hesperia’s Square & Compasses engraved stone markers, of which one was completely buried. But luckily our W.M. Bruno came prepared and with the right tool in hand brought it back to light!