The Richard D. Johnson School of Masonic Instruction and Catechism Posting

The Richard D. Johnson School of Masonic Instruction meets at

7:30 PM – the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month
at the Jefferson Masonic Temple
5418 W. Gale Street in Chicago

If the above is not the pretty picture you want to portray to your fellow brethren in the Lodge, then we hope to welcoming you, or welcoming you back, to school for Masonic Instruction. This is one of the many great options for Masons to meet and learn, and hone their skills and knowledge to make them more proficient in the Lodge work.

As has been the custom for the last several months, RW Bro. Bill Bussiere will begin our instruction session with some basics. Then we’ll build on that with ceremonial instruction based upon what those present collectively wish to review. This will include some discussion of the use, or overuse of the word “now” in our opening and closing ritual. As always, Catechism and Proficiency preparation will be available. 
Class starts at 7:30. The ground floor entrance on Gale Street is open by 6:15 PM. The City Clerk’s office parking lot just west of our building is available in the evening hours. There are also some spaces behind the city building that are available after business hours.
There should be some food for us to partake in the downstairs dining area before class. We appreciate any donations to defray the cost for food and drinks.
Please send an email to if you’d like more information. 

The Richard D. Johnson School of Masonic Instruction is also on Facebook – you can contact us there.